Pick Your Own Cherries

Before you arrive:

Please check our Website, or Facebook for details whether we are open for cherry picking on the day you would like to come.

Updates on Website or Facebook will be updated daily on times, prices, variety of cherries available and much more so KEEP WATCH…...  https://www.facebook.com/harbenvalecherries/

Weather and the availability of ripe fruit can vary so keep watch on updates.

When you get there:

When you arrive at the green Orchard Shed, you will be given a plastic bucket with a plastic liner and then guided to the section of Orchard where you will be picking cherries.

Once in the Orchard, Wayne (the owner) will show you how to pick the cherries easily and correctly, to protect the trees from damage which can affect next year's crop.  A video is also available on our webpage to show you how to pick.

You are then free to pick all the ripe cherries you would like.



So only pick the cherries you can pay for!

ONLY pick ripe cherries as they do not ripen further once picked.

Once you have picked your cherries you will go back to the shed, have them weighed and pay for them.

The plastic liner containing the cherries is yours to take home. (No one touches your cherries except you).   ENJOY!!



Taking care of your Cherries

Store your cherries in the fridge at all times (DO NOT WASH THEM FIRST as the water promotes growth of mould).   Rinse them just before eating fresh.   Keep them in a closed plastic bag or covered container. 

Cherries can be used in many recipes such as muffins, smoothies, deserts or icecream just to name a few.  Check the internet for cherry recipes.

Cherries can also be frozen and used later in the year.  (de-seeding your cherries before freezing is best).  Cherry seeders can be purchased from most kitchen shops.


Click on the links below to check out these recipes for making yummy Cherry Jam and Cherry Jelly from the Cherries that you have picked!

Making Cherry Jam Conserve.

Making Cherry Jelly.